Fussa Daiichi Elementary School


About Fussa Daiichi Elementary School


Our school motto is "safe,secure and cheerful school".

1. Principal

Tomoko Takase

2. Classes



   ・12 classes (1-1,1-2・2-1,2-2・3-1,3-2・4-1,4-2・5-1,5-2・6-1,6-2)

   ・Special class for handicapped children ("Himawari Gakkyu")

  ・Japanese language class, special class for foreign language speakers


3.Main School Events (2019)

・Entrance Ceremony (April)・Nikko Field Trip (6th grade, June)





・Sports Meeting (September) ・School Festival (October)





・Art Exhibition (November) ・Graduation Ceremony (March) etc...






4. Number of Students (2022)

grade 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th ひまわり total
number 40 50 48 43 42 50 27 300

5. Adress and Contact

〒197-0011 Fussa 1055, Fussa-city, Tokyo, Japan

TEL: 042-551-0046 FAX: 042-530-7440


6. Location and Access

   It takes about 5 min on foot from Fussa station.